Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Outnumbered Underwater

Erin had commented to me that most of the time in Japan she would be the only female on most of the dives, so it would be nice to come here and have another female to dive with since Kelli went with me a lot. They were actually able to totally turn the tables on me a couple times this past weekend, and have me be the only guy on their "girl's dive". Pictured above you see Erin, Ray, Kelli and Maricar at Obiyan. Instead of "Charlie's Angels", these were Harry's Angels. I think they all really enjoyed themselves and had a great dive. And no offense to my fellow guy divers, but if I'm going to be taking pictures of people underwater, I'd rather focus on the ladies, they just seem to be much more photogenic.

Here you see Erin on the inside of a little cave toward the end of the Obiyan dive. Most of the cave is fairly spacious, but there is one little bend at the end where you have to twist and turn to get your tank through the hole. Now of course I've been through all these holes hundreds of times, so I know just how to get through them with a minimal amount of effort so I make it look fairly easy. And of course I'm much bigger than all the ladies, so they figured if I could make it through a hole they should easily be able to fit. I then waited on the other side of the hole to make sure they all made it through alright. Each of them came through and then swam out of the cave, but when Erin came through, she had this smirk on her face and was shaking her head at me. I could just imagine the thoughts going through her head right about then. And she was probably wondering what she was doing diving with a psycho like me. Just look at all the stories you'll have to tell though Erin.Here is Erin on one of the sand patches at Obiyan. It was a perfect day for a dive there, there were no waves, no current, the visibility was pretty good and there weren't too many divers. I had a couple more all ladies dives last weekend as well, I guess I'll have to post some of those pictures tomorrow.


Brad said...

Hey Harry, don't worry about offending any of your male dive buddies....we understand. I mean, we'd rather look at photos of women diving rather than photos of a bunch of tubby guys (speaking of myself, of course).

Harry, I'm off to Lau Lau today with 3 tanks and a new underwater camera. I can't wait to start taking pictures!

KelliOnSaipan said...

Girls rule. Even the gimp ones. Ha.