Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reed Family's Final Tour

Here is a picture of Kelli & Erin after their Grotto dive. It was quite an accomplishment for both of them as Erin didn't think she wanted to do anymore diving, and I think the thought of the Grotto might have been messing with her mind, but she overcame those thoughts and did it anyway. And Kelli actually did the dive and climbed back out with her tank after fracturing her knee cap, no small feat. After the dive we took Erin to Bird Island lookout, Suicide Cliff and Bonzai Cliff, and she decided she wanted the rest of the family to see those spots the next day. So we offered to come back and pick them up and give the family the north island tour Monday afternoon.

Sometimes when I'm diving I get some salt water in my mask, which then gets under my contact lenses. I'm thinking that causes irritations which sometimes lead to corneal ulcers. I've had them several times now, so I'm well acquainted with what they feel like. It's excruciating and feels like someone is stabbing your eyeball with hot needles. Monday morning I could feel it coming on, and knew that I was going to be in a lot of pain very shortly. So I took my contact out and bought an eye patch for my eye, since it also gets very light sensitive. During lunch Kelli had me look at her knee, since she still had not gotten it looked at. It was all swollen and not looking good at all, so I told her we were going to the doctors office right after lunch. She was using a pair of crutches that someone had given to us when they left island. Why someone would think I would ever have a need of crutches I'll never know. So we went hobbling into the doctors office, her on her crutches and me with my eye patch. I think the doctor thought we should be checked into a convalescent home somewhere. 3 x-rays later he told Kelli that she had a small fracture on her knee cap, and that she had dislocated it and most likely had torn ligaments and cartiledge. He put a plaster cast on the back side of her leg, making a splint and then wrapped it all up in an ace bandage. He also gave her a couple pain prescriptions which we would both wind up needing for our various aches and pains from the weekends diving.

Then we headed over to PIC to pick up the Reed family for their tour, me in my eye patch and Kelli on crutches and with a splint on her leg, we were quite the sight. They asked if we were sure we were up to this. We said we just had to stop by the hospital and get the prescriptions filled and then we were good to go. This is the kind of service you would only get from an outfit like Axe Murderer Tours. So with pills in hand, splint on leg, and patch on eye, we headed to the north end of the island.Many times when you are standing at the Bird Island lookout or the Bonzai Cliff lookout, you can look down and see turtles on the surface of the water. We actually saw this guy the day before at Bonzai Cliff after our Grotto dive. He was in fairly close and just stayed on the top for a while, letting me get some good shots of him. Unfortunately when we went back to those spots with the whole family, there were no turtles cooperating.Here you see Grace, Dan & Simon all sitting at the top of the memorial at Bonzai Cliff. I think they were all impressed with the north end sights, Dan especially seemed to like checking out Bird Island. And I know that Erin had a great time showing her family the Grotto, which she had just conquered the day before, and she had plenty of stories to tell about it.

One thing I forgot to tell you about Kelli's trip to the doctor was that she had pants on when she went in. But the doctor would have had to cut the leg of her pants in order to put the splint on, so rather than have her favorite pair of pants ruined, she opted to take her pants off and just wear a towel that we had in the car. So Kelli was fashionably attired in a towel for our north end of the island tour. It's an island, we're all pretty laid back around here!When you're getting a tour from Axe Murderer Tours, you can almost bank on the fact that something about it will be unique or different. Like earlier in the week when I took them to Mt. Tapochou when I had to turn on our generator for the radio station. I accomplished something I had to get done for work on the weekend, and they got to see the view from Mt. Tapochou, a win-win situation.Simon's favorite part of the tour was undoubtedly the stop at the Last Command Post in Marpi. Here you see him in front of one of the big anti-aircraft guns that still sits there as a reminder of what took place here over 60 years ago.Here is Simon in front of one of the old Japanese tanks. This place is like a sort of Disneyland to a 6 year old, with all these old tanks, canons and guns still sitting there. But Simon's favorite part of the Last Command Post had to be the Last Command Post itself.He thought it was totally awesome to go in that hollowed out rock and see where the holes were blown through the walls. He seemed to enjoy exploring it with me too, as he kept telling me to come on as he went to the next spot to explore. I think he was just thinking it was cool to hang with someone wearing an eye patch. Erin did tell me that I looked like I should be my own logo for Axe Murderer Tours with that eye patch. I suppose there is a slight possibility that I may look a little like a pirate with my shaved head, goatee and eye patch. But it's only a slight possibility.Here you see Simon, Grace & Erin on the walkway outside of the Last Command Post. We were there just before sunset, and you could see the moon over toward the Grotto already rising. I was keeping an eye on the sun and where it was though so we could catch a sunset at Wing Beach to close out the tour. I was cutting it close, but we did manage to catch it.Here you see Grace & Simon running down the beach for the last few seconds before the sun dips into the ocean. We were hoping it would be a green flash since the conditions looked perfect for it, but no such luck. Oh well, it was still a pretty spectacular ending to what had been a full week for the Reed family. Hopefully they left here with some awesome memories of their time on Saipan, and are already thinking about their next trip back. Thanks for coming Reed family, and you're always welcome to become repeat victims of Axe Murderer Tours!


Angelo Villagomez said...

Actually, you look more like a mass murderer with your bald head, goatee, and eye patch.

Just letting you know.

A tattoo of a spiderweb would complete the look.

KelliOnSaipan said...

Note to self - keep a spare sarong in the car for when you lose your pants.

Brad said...

Hope your eye is better by now Harry.