Friday, February 15, 2008

A Scarey New Underwater Species

I was just going through some of my dive pics from the last couple of months, seeing if there was anything worth posting when I ran across these pictures. I sort of recall letting Zandra use my camera on a dive and her taking pictures of things. This particular subject has been taken on many Japanese cameras over the years although it is rather elusive and tends to swim the other direction when it sees cameras pointing at him. The closest identification I can find a match for is Scaricus Noharicus, that is the latin name by the way.
It is very unusual to see this creature like this, he usually always has a camera in his hands and is ignoring everything and everyone else around him just staring at tiny little critters known as nudibranchs. He's really not very social at all, at least not with people, but has been known to spend inordinate amounts of time with turtles and nudibranchs.
If you ever see Scaricus Noharicus underwater looking like this, please avoid looking directly in his eyes. It is said that he has a hypnotic stare that can totally disorient you and render you into someone who can't get enough of sea slugs. Look around, see if you see his camera anywhere, or see if someone borrowed it, get it back, put it in his hand, while avoiding looking into his eyes, then quietly swim away. Remember, these warnings are for your own good, and if you spend anytime underwater on Saipan, you're sure to run into this aquatic creature.