Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Dive Pics

I've been rather surprised by people's reaction to some of my pictures recently. They've told me they had no idea what it looked like underwater, they have never seen those creatures before, and they can't believe the vibrant colors. Even though we're totally surrounded by ocean, you're never more than a 10 minute drive from it in any direction, the vast majority of people that have lived here their entire life have no idea what surrounds them or what it truly looks like.
Ideally I'd like to take everyone on a dive and let them experience it first hand, because once you are exposed to the magical world beneath the surface of the water, it's like disappearing into an entirely different world. I've been diving for over 35 years now, and have thousands of dives under my belt, and I never tire of seeing the wonders that lie beneath the sea. There is always something new to discover, something you've never noticed before, and the more you look, the more you'll find.
But I realize that there is no way I can take the entire island for a dive, I just don't have that many days left I'm afraid, and frankly, some of you might just scare me to death underwater. But I can do the next best thing, and that is to continue bringing the wonders of the underwater world to you through pictures. I have come to the conclusion that we don't do nearly enough to showcase the wealth of beauty we are surrounded with. We should have stunning underwater pictures everywhere, in all the restaurants, shops, government offices, we should have underwater murals painted on the buildings, and we should have the corridors of the airport lined with spectacular underwater shots.
I'm not saying this because I want to sell a bunch of my pictures, in fact I'm about to buy a bunch of them myself and donate them to a few restaurants and businesses just to get some exposure for the underwater world. We have a bunch of excellent underwater photographers here, Dr. Mark Robertson, Mark James, Mike Tripp, Larry Lee, Ken & Crystal and I'm sure there are many others that I don't even know about. I think it's time to make a concerted effort to let everyone know just how amazing the underwater world is through pictures. Maybe if we have these amazing shots everywhere you look, people will think twice before throwing their empty beer cans in the Grotto, or littering the cliff line outside the Grotto with fishing line, chunks of rebar and concrete. Maybe people will quit using the ocean as a dumpsite and a big garbage can. It can't hurt, what do you say, are you with me?