Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pictures For Sale At

I've had quite a few people asking if they could buy my pictures lately, and I've actually sold about 18 in the last month on my Smugmug site. All of my pictures are for sale there and there is quite a wide variety of sizes and choices. Smugmug actually prints them up for you and will then mail them to you, it's all handled through them. I have ordered several pictures and have been very impressed by the quality and the speed in which they were delivered. You can go to and browse through the various picture galleries for whatever it is you might be interested in. I've picked some of my favorites and put them in the Recommended Pictures gallery. You can also buy things like t-shirts with the picture on it, mugs, puzzles, etc. I do make a little bit of profit when you buy my pictures through smugmug, but maintaining the website and buying the cameras isn't cheap, this just helps me defray the cost of the pictures slightly. So if you've been enjoying my pictures and would like to get some of them printed and framed, please check out And thanks for your interest and support.