Friday, April 4, 2008

New Address For Food For Thought

I've finally decided to get my own spot to post my weekly radio commentary - Food For Thought. I've had it over on for several years, and I certainly appreciate their willingness to host it and keep my archives there, but I had to do some html writing in order to post it there. I'm either getting lazy in my old age, or am just trying to work smarter, but I've decided to have a blog just for Food For Thought. It's much easier to post it here, I just copy and paste it from the Word document I write it in. So if you follow my weekly commentary on the politics in the CNMI you can now find it at I'm not going to try putting all the archives of it there, like I said, I'm trying to simplify things, not create more work for myself. But if you have family or friends who used to be on my e-mail distribution list, would you please pass along the information of where they can find it online now.