Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lemuria Found?

Now I realize I just posted this picture yesterday, but I had no idea what I was posting at the time. Evidently I've made a monumental discovery, or at least there is someone on a website who thinks I may have. I was just checking out the traffic on my blog this afternoon when I noticed I had all the sudden gotten 11 hits from all over the U.S. and from Australia and England. I noticed they all found my blog through the same link, so I decided to follow it myself and see where it led, it led me here. The site is called Godlike Productions, and someone posted a forum listing saying "Lemuria found?" and then providing a link to my blog with this picture and the other one I jokingly referred to as UFO excrement. This website claims it's about UFO's, Conspiracy Theories and the Lunatic Fringe. Maybe it's not as much a stretch as I initially thought. So now the big question is, which picture makes them think I may have located Lemuria? Was it the pile of rocks, or the pile of UFO excrement?

I had to Google Lemuria to find out what it was. According to, "Lemuria was an ancient civilization which existed prior to and during the time of Atlantis. Physically, it is believed that Lemuria existed largely in the Southern Pacific, between North America and Asia/Australia. Lemuria is also sometimes referred to as Mu, or the Motherland (of Mu). At its peak of civilization, the Lemurian people were both highly evolved and very spiritual. While concrete physical evidence of this ancient continent may be difficult to find, many people know they have a very strong connection to Lemuria".

I have often thought that our political leaders on Saipan must be from outer space or something the way they operate, but that's not really being very nice to aliens, so I apologize to the aliens. I know they're definitely way out there most of the time, but I also know that none of them could have ever come from a highly evolved or intelligent society. As far as any of them being descendents of the Lemurians, let's just say that's not likely at all.

I'm not sure if I should disclose the fact that the ruler of Lemuria can often be seen in the waters off of the island of Saipan. He is known to have a shaved head, moustache and goatee and is never seen underwater without his image capturing device in his hand. It is truly magical what he does down there and the things he finds. So rather than risk having the Conspiracy Theorists and the Lunatic Fringe knocking my door down to have me take them to the sacred spot, I'm not going to post a picture of the elusive ruler of Lemuria. Let's just say you can quite often see him underwater on weekends around the island of Saipan, and occasionally he will come out to wet his whistle at Godfathers. Lemuria indeed!

Mysteries at Lau Lau

Every so often I like to get off the beaten path underwater and just go exploring. I took Kelli and Barry Wonenberg with me last Sunday and we went to Lau Lau. After about an hour when they had both used up their tanks, I took them back to the rope and then I headed out for the rest of my dive. I went through the coral heads in the shallows until I got to the pipeline, then I kept going south from the pipeline until I had the white sand. This was the first mystery I ran across over there. It is obviously manmade, a bunch of rocks all piled together with various pieces of pipe and wood stuck in them to stand up. Was this a monument for some divers who had died here? Does it mark something of historical significance? Or was somebody just bored one day and decided to leave their mark? I have no clue, but I'd like to know the story behind it if anybody can enlighten me.Then these piles were the second mystery, there were several of them scattered all over the white sandy area. If I was back in Michigan and we were in a field, I would say it was a "cow patty", you know a pile of cow poop. I thought it was very strange the way it was intricately layered. I sifted through one of the piles seeing if there was something inside of it that might have been responsible for it, but there was nothing there. I even dug down a ways, but didn't find anything down there either. So what are these piles? Are they UFO excrement? After all, I've heard many theories about how UFO bases are supposed to be underwater. Just one more of the many little mysteries down there, at least it's a mystery to me. So if you can help me in my education, I'd be most appreciative.