Thursday, April 17, 2008

Holy Crap Batman, It's Just Worm Poop!

Thanks to my dive buddy from Guam, Bob Abela, the mystery of the cow patty like mounds at Lau Lau have been solved. Well it was probably only a mystery to me and a few Lemuria followers. I guess most educated divers probably already knew that this was a huge pile of worm poop. That would explain why I was sifting through one of these piles trying to discover what made it in the first place, I wasn't educated enough to know any better. But I suppose if you're going to be sifting through a pile of poop with your bare hands, you'd want it to be worm poop underwater, since it's basically just sand. So Bree, it looks like I am innocent of destroying an egg colony, but am guilty of rearranging a pile a worm poop.

If you've been reading my blog the last day or so you have probably discovered that I was supposed to have discovered the lost continent of Lemuria at Lau Lau Bay. No, it wasn't me that came up with this theory, it was some UFO watchers, Conspiracy Theorists and the Lunatic Fringe. I posted a picture of a bunch of rocks that had been purposely piled together with some pipes and pieces of wood sticking out of it, and a picture of what I now know is worm poop. But this group thought that these things somehow indicated that I had found Lemuria. So the big questions are these: Were the Lemurians known for putting together little stone piles and then sticking things between the stones to make them stand up? Did the Lemurians finally just leave dry earth behind and go underwater for good? Did they develop gills, like I'm trying to? Did the Lemurians have giant worms as pets? Or have the Lemurians reverted back to being giant underwater sand dwelling worms who leave behind monument looking piles of excrement? I think I'm going to have to go underwater for several hours this weekend just to contemplate some of these deep thoughts.But just because the worm poop piles have been identified as worm poop and not UFO excrement doesn't mean I don't have plenty of other fodder for the Conspiracy Theorists and the Lunatic Fringe. If you'll notice in the picture above, some people may think they are just seeing a little piece of coral with a very small shell next to it. But if you look very closely, you will see tiny little hairs coming off the coral. And what you may not be able to see is that there was a very tiny little crab (or was it a crab?) in the shell. I watched this little crab (if that's indeed what it was) go crawling right up to that little piece of coral, hang out for a few minutes and then head out. So the question to all of you Lemuria followers out there is this, have Lemurians really evolved into tiny crabs and started living underwater, and was this just really a case of a Lemurian using a intergalactic communication device disguised as a piece of coral to call home? You had no idea diving could be this much fun, did you?

And by the way, to all of you followers of Lemuria, if you would like to buy photographic proof of the new discoveries of Lemuria, you are cordially invited to buy to your hearts content at Heck if you send them to me, I'll even sign them for you. Because for all you know, I could be the secret keeper of Lemuria.