Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Diving Deco Stop

I wind up spending quite a bit of time on the rope in the Grotto doing my deco stops. It's a cool spot to just sit there and watch divers come and go, watch the swimmers above you, and occasionally some pretty cool effects as the sun comes streaming down into the Grotto.Sunday afternoon was one of those times that the sun was positioned just right so that it really lit up the shallow area of the Grotto, and visibility was pretty good, so it made for some cool shots. Here are some Japanese divers heading up after their dive.Did I mention Sunday afternoon was extremely busy in the Grotto? I was just kind of hanging there in about 15' of water and I counted over 40 diving tourists all heading toward the rope at the same time. There were people everywhere. I was down photographing some nudibranchs in the bottom of #2 when all of the sudden the light that filters in through the opening was blocked out. I looked up to see what was going on and there were 18 divers all coming down through the opening, they had totally blocked out the light. Not really my favorite time to dive when there are that many people in the water at once. But once they all started clearing out, a very cool thing started to happen.You can see the last of the divers lined up on the rope getting ready to exit the Grotto as the sun came streaking down into the Grotto. It was as if God had turned on a big spotlight and shined it directly down into the Grotto, the rays of sunshine looked awesome as they penetrated the darkness of the Grotto and gave it an otherworldly feeling.Sometimes the most amazing part of the dive isn't where you're looking for it at all, you just have to learn to always be looking around you and observing the various scenery. I just floated down there for a good 25 minutes enjoying the light show and snapping away. I'm so thankful for the age of digital cameras. Back in the old days I would have already filled up my 36 shots and would have had nothing left to capture the awesome spectacle that was waiting for me at the end. I just never get tired of scenes like that one.