Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Axe Murderer Tours - Dives #2 & #3

When you book a dive trip with Axe Murderer Tours, if you want to dive til you drop, that's not a problem. When Doug comes down from Japan, he likes to hit the water right after I pick him up at the airport, and then he likes to stay in it as much as possible. We did the Grotto first Saturday morning, then we got our tanks refilled, and headed to Lau Lau with Kelli & Fumiko. They were both game for a 2nd dive, which kind of surprised me since the Grotto was the first dive. We went out the main channel rope and hit the bait ball as soon as we got to the end of the rope. The swirling mass of fish were putting on quite the show and there were about a dozen blue fin trevally that kept slashing through the middle of the bait ball, making the fish break ranks and give them wide berth. For those of you who may not have ever had the thrill of swimming in a spinning mass of thousands of fish, I took a little video for you.

It is truly an amazing thing to see those thousands of fish just swirling around in a ball, and then to watch them part like the red sea when the blue fin trevally come in for a closer look. But the fish ball wasn't what Doug had requested to see when he dove Lau Lau. Doug is a fairly frequent reader of my blog, it's his way of keeping up with my dive exploits, and this is where he wanted me to take him.Yup, Doug wanted to check out "Lemuria" for himself. If you don't know what Lemuria is, you'll have to go back in my archives and find it for yourself, but it's something that gave me a pretty good laugh. From this point forward though, especially since I've had divers come to Axe Murderer Tours requesting the "Lemuria" dive at Lau Lau, this strange rock pile shall here-to-fore be known officially as Lemuria! I think we should make it an official dive site on Saipan's list of dive sites.Aside from a wayward spider conch, these guys seemed to be the main inhabitants of Lemuria. I think everybody had fun checking out the rock pile that just sits in the middle of the white sand though. After all, how many times do you have the opportunity to visit the ruins of an ancient civilization? 2 dives on Saturday was enough for Kelli and Fumiko, but not Doug and I, we still had plenty of time left before I had to take them back to the airport for their little hop to Guam, so we headed out and dove Obiyan in the afternoon, and made a 3 dive day of it, a pretty ambitious schedule even by Axe Murderer Tours standards.Here you see Doug just hovering above the white sand bottom at Obiyan. We just did a nice, leisurely drift dive from one rope down to the other, checking out the garden eels and a few of my favorite little caves and swimthroughs on the way as well.If you're going to be playing follow the leader with me, you'd better be prepared to go through a few tight and dark holes. I always like exploring and finding out what is hiding in some of those little caves and tunnels. I think Doug & Fumiko enjoyed their latest Axe Murderer Tours dive outing. It was Doug's 3rd time, so either he's a glutton for punishment, or he's having a good time. I'll just assume it's the latter.