Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Axe Murderer Tours - Sunday Edition

After my 3 dives with Doug on Saturday, I had to go judge the chili cook-off at Godfather's Cinco de Mayo block party that night. What a great way to cap off the day! On the way home my phone rang. It was a guy who had gone to the dive shop I usually get my tanks filled at. He was from Guam, was here for the weekend and wanted to go out diving with his 11 year old daughter, who had gotten certified last year in Palau. (I had to throw in the fact that they were both certified for the dive police out there). He said that the dive shop suggested that he call me and see if I would be willing to let them come along on my Sunday dives. Wait a minute here, did I just hear him right? The dive shop was telling him to call me to take him diving? Was the chili affecting my hearing or my cognitive thinking processes? Did I have too much of the golden tonic used to cleanse my taste buds between bites of chili? After I got over my shock, I told him that I would be meeting some other people at 9 am at the dive shop, and that he and his daughter were welcome to come along as well. Then I went back to being mystified that a dive shop would be telling people to call me up to take them out diving. In the picture above you see Jody & Bailey swimming over the flats at Lau Lau.I took them to Lau Lau, and let them spend some time with the bait ball before heading off to the south of the pipeline, I've been enjoying the coral over there more these days, and plus there are hardly any other divers over there. Then as we came back across, I took them to the Lemuria rock pile, as it is now officially known. They both spent some time looking at it and poking around. Bailey had a small tank on, so she ran out of air quite a bit ahead of the rest of us. I took her back and let her spend a little more time looking at the bait ball, and then I found the Spanish Dancer nudibranch, so I let them see what it looked like as it was swimming. You probably saw the video of that a couple days ago on my post.Hexabranchus sanguineus, or a Spanish Dancer is always a very special sighting, they are just so large and fancy looking. Then I took Bailey and Jody in, got them out of the water, and then Kelli, Barry and I went back out for another 45 minutes and finished our dives. Jody's wife, other daughter and their friend joined us all for lunch at Oleai Beach Bar & Grill, which is the mandatory lunch stop when you're on an official Axe Murderer Tours dive trip. After 3 dives for the weekend, I think I had finally tired Kelli out, but I still had plenty in me, so I agreed to take Jody and Bailey up to the Grotto and let them experience our premier dive. This was the 5th official Axe Murderer Tours dive of the weekend, I believe that is a new all time high for me.Here you see Bailey and Jody coming through the underwater cliff walls and heading back in toward hole #3. They were both raving about what an amazing dive it was afterward, going down to the fan coral cave and up through the serpentine tunnels. It was truly a busy weekend for Axe Murderer Tours, and I'm pleased to say that all victims (I have victims, not customers), seemed to thoroughly enjoy their dives.