Friday, May 9, 2008

Sharks, Sharks, Sharks at Wing Beach!

Late last Thursday afternoon, I went back to Wing Beach since it was a -0.7' low tide, that's just too good to pass up. There were a couple groups of tourists out there just coming in as I started heading out. After the first group passed me, I was surprised to see this big white tip reef shark following them by about 50 yards, and then there was another group of divers about 50 yards behind him. He was out of sight of both of the groups of divers, but I got several good shots of him before he took off into the shallows.About half way through my dive, I was swimming back out to a ledge where the bottom starts dropping away fairly quickly when I had a feeling there was something there with me. I looked up and saw this guy keeping a respectable distance from me, but just going back and forth. Sharks have never scared me in the water, I always love seeing them and watching them as they gracefully slide through the water.Then as I was heading back toward the cut at the end of my dive, I noticed this white tip reef shark swimming just off to my right in the cut. Now I can't say for sure whether these were 3 different sharks, or whether it was the same shark just staying fairly close to me throughout my whole dive. I didn't mind, I was just enjoying the chance to get some fairly close shots of these guys as they went cruising by me. This guy got closer to me than any of the rest, at one point he made a pass about 6 feet away from me.This guy went right up into the shallows with me and then came right down toward me as he headed back out. Unfortunately he went so quickly as he turned to come toward me that I wasn't able to get the camera to focus and get a shot off, but I got some nice side shots of him anyway. It is Wing Beach season once again, my favorite time of year for diving and my favorite spot, these guys are a big part of the reason.