Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Up Close and Personal With a Little Green Sea Turtle

This is a video I put together of a little Green sea turtle who kept coming up to me playing during my Saturday Grotto dive. He seemed very curious and just coming right up to me, bumping into me several times as he swam right at me. It was definitely one of the coolest experiences I've had with a turtle. If you enjoyed it, you might want to go and watch it on my Smugmug site, as the video quality is much better and cleaner, you can see it here http://saipandiver.smugmug.com/gallery/2569670_wt6XX#298028353_wAJ6E-A-LB

Saturday In The Grotto

Saturday I got dragged out of bed a little earlier than I probably would have preferred in order to go diving with Brad and a couple of his friends at the Grotto. The truth of the matter is I never complain when it means a Grotto dive. They were wanting someone to take them outside and through some of the holes and swimthroughs, I'm always happy to oblige. I've seen this little weed looking stuff before, but I don't recall ever taking a picture of it, therefore I didn't realize what a bright, vibrant color it had and all the detail on it. I'm just always intrigued by the new things I discover down there.I thought this little bunch of staghorn coral looked pretty cool when contrasted against the deep blue ocean background as well. I find more and more as I dive that I'm looking at things for how they would look in a picture, trying to determine what works and what doesn't. Thank goodness for the digital age, it allows me to experiment to my hearts content. When something doesn't work out, I just delete it, and I didn't have to pay to learn the lesson.There is a batch of anemone on the tall chimney rock outside of hole #2 at the Grotto, and a couple big double banded anemonefish that hang out there. It's always a challenge getting them centered in the frame and locking in the auto focus since they're always darting around, but I did manage to get one shot that I was happy with. I always have a great time just watching these guys for a while.Then I ran across this Peacock Grouper just sitting there waiting to have his picture taken. Usually when I try to get the camera into position, these guys take off, they're pretty skittish, but this one seemed fairly comfortable in his little spot.And of course it wouldn't be a normal dive for me if I didn't find a few nudibranchs. I found this Phyllidiella pustulosa on one of the big rocks right outside of the Grotto. I saw all of these guys ont the first half of the dive, when Brad and his friends were with me. But when they ran out of air and had to go back in, I decided to go back out to see wha tI could find. But that's going to have to wait for tomorrow's blog.