Thursday, June 12, 2008

28 Years And Counting

Saturday was Kelli's & my 28th wedding anniversary. I realize that probably seems pretty hard to believe since we both look like we're only about 30 years old. Ok, my gray goatee might make me look just a tad older. But since Kelli has been enjoying her diving so much lately and wanting to spend so much time underwater with me, I decided I wanted to get her brand new dive gear that would not only be super comfortable, but also very reliable for her. I ordered a new Dacor Talon BC and a Tusa regulator from I figured it would be the perfect anniversary present, since it would be something that she would be enjoying using every weekend with me. A friend of mine who is certainly not an authority on romance or anything even closely related told me that was like buying her a new vacuum cleaner. I disagree, I think it's something that not only was she really excited about, but something she will enjoy for a long time to come on a regular basis. And you have to admit, she really looks good in that new black & blue gear, even all color coordinated!Yup, 28 years later and we're still having a blast together, only now we're enjoying the underwater world together as well, something that's always been a dream for me. Kelli got certified almost 8 years ago for her 40th birthday, but didn't dive at all until late last year. Now she's really gotten into it and is actually sad when she has to miss a dive. What a change from the days when she thought it was just way too much hassle and work. I love having her down there with me though, showing her the cool things I find, and teaching her to take underwater pictures with her camera. And of couse it does my heart good seeing her looking all cool and color coordinated in her new dive gear down there!Yes, we had other people diving with us Saturday morning, but you're going to have to wait to see their pics, because this post is dedicated to my bride of 28 years, my best friend, and my dive buddy with the cool new gear, my wife Kelli!