Friday, June 13, 2008

Updated Axe Murderer Tours Logo & More Victims

My always faithful dive buddy and co-axe murderer Doug has updated the logo once again for Axe Murderer Tours. He's given the skull an eye patch (appropriate since I wind up wearing one quite often when I have eye problems), a bandana (I now have a black Scap that I wear when diving), and a turtle earring with a scuba flag for its shell (no, I don't have an earring, and I wouldn't hold my breath on me getting one anytime in the near future). I can't wait to get some hats, shirts, bandanas and bikinis done up with the logo on them. All in good time though.

I was going through my dive logs from the past 2 years a couple days ago, these are the logs that my dive computer downloads to my laptop computer and then I just fill in location, dive buddy, and comments. I found a couple little facts interesting. During that time I have logged in 351 dives, 352 after today. The only reason it isn't 400 is because I was sidelined with the little heart issue and the trip to Hong Kong to get it taken care of about a year and a half ago, so that cut into my dive time substantially. But during that time, I have taken out 126 different people diving, all victims of Axe Murderer Tours. Some of them have gone on multiple dives with me. But 126 different people in just 2 years, that's an awful lot of victims, especially considering I've only been doing this for fun up to now. So how many have I taken out in the past 12 years? I think we can safely assume the number is well over 300. I have logged in over 500 hours of time underwater on those 352 dives. Yes, my average dive is usually well over an hour. My only dives that are less than an hour are those that I have somebody with me and I'm polite enough to actually get out of the water with them. I usually get them out and tell them to sit on the shore and wait until I use up the rest of my air. That is like the equivalent of spending 22 days underwater, 24 hours a day. Not bad for a 2 year stretch huh?

I also counted the total number of dives that Zandra has gone on with me in the last 2 years. Now Zandra lives here, so you would think that the number would be huge, especially since I'm the only one she goes diving with. But no, she has only managed to get in 13 dives in the last 2 years. Something tells me that after she leaves here for good next month, she will have wished she took more time to dive.

And then I counted up Kelli's dives. She has really gotten back into diving this year and has already gone on 25 dives with me this year alone. That is completely outstanding for her! She will easily log in 50 dives this year, quite a feat for someone who thought diving was more trouble than it was worth last year.

And then there are my latest bunch of victims. They have definitely kept me wet this past week or so. The first one is Brian, he is a friend of Cherylynn Cabrera's. He is going to be an instructor at West Point Military Academy for the next two years. He was out here for vacation and managed to get in 4 dives with me while he was here. I took him to Wing Beach, Obiyan, Grotto and Lau Lau, so he made the rounds. Here you see him in one of the little caves at Obiyan.The next victim of Axe Murderer Tours this past week has been Maricar. Ron Biggers, who works with my wife occasionally asked her if I'd be willing to take a friend of his from Manila out diving with me while she was here on vacation. Well of course the answer is always yes. I took Maricar to Wing Beach for her first Saipan dive last Friday afternoon. Then she did 2 dives with me Saturday, Obiyan and Grotto. On Sunday she did 2 more dives with me, Lau Lau and back to the Grotto. Then yesterday she went back with Barry and I to Wing Beach. She's only been on island a week, and she has already logged in 6 dives, pretty impressive.And then there was Erin Reed and her family. Erin's husband Dan is in the Marines and is stationed in Japan. The family had decided to come to Saipan for a vacation as they were looking for something close and fairly affordable, and Erin is a diver, so she wanted something with great diving. She managed to come across my blog online and sent me an e-mail asking me about diving here and if I could recommend anyone she could go diving with. As if I would recommend anyone else, of course I offered to let her come along with me on my dives. I took her and Brian out to Lau Lau for her first dive on Saipan, that way her husband, son and daughter could all snorkel and enjoy the beach while we were underwater. Erin impressed me as being a very confident and comfortable diver right away. And she even spotted a green sea turtle that I had overlooked, and she got me attention and pointed him out to me. Now that's the kind of dive partner I like to have!Erin wanted her daughter and husband to have the opportunity to try out scuba while they were here as well, and asked if we could take them somewhere very calm and safe. When Wing Beach is calm, that is always my choice for an experiencing scuba introductory dive. It tapers off very gradually, you can get used to the equipment in about 10' of water very near the rope and there is a ton of things to see all within a very short swim, like lionfish, eels, sharks and the occasional turtle. She wanted to take them out Friday afternoon, so I decided that I should check it out Thursday afternoon to see what conditions were like since it was going to be high tide, (I'll do almost anything to make sure that my victims are happy!). I dragged Barry and Maricar along on this exploratory dive to check conditions, and they were perfect. So we'll all be hitting Wing Beach later Friday afternoon and then I'll be diving all weekend long. They are welcome to come along on any or all of my dives, but yes, I will be diving!The most amazing part of all of this is that these people are willing to put their trust in this old dive bum who shoots a shot of his own face trying to see if his external flash is firing or not. Just another week, albeit a somewhat busier one than normal, in the life of Axe Murderer Tours.