Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Reed Family

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from Erin Reed, saying we had never met, but she had found my blog online and their family was planning a Saipan vacation, and that she was a diver. That was pretty much all I had to hear, I could already tell she was a perfect candidate to be the next victim of Axe Murderer Tours. Erin had fallen in love with diving and wanted to introduce her husband - Dan, and daughter - Grace to it as well. So I took Erin out by herself last Wednesday to make sure she knew what she was doing down there, we went to Lau Lau for her first dive. Then last Friday we took Dan and Grace at Wing Beach. The weather was cooperating perfectly, there was no current at all, visibility was awesome, the lionfish were all out strutting their stuff, and they even got to see a big green sea turtle in the crevasse. As far as first dives go, that one would be hard to beat. Well there might have been one tiny little glitch, but that would be Erin's story to tell, not mine, so you'll have to ask her if you want to hear it. I think Grace thought I was trying to kill her with the hike down Wing Beach to get to the cut though.This is Grace, she was my dive buddy. I held her hand and pulled her alongside of me the whole dive, except for those few occasions when I needed both hands free to take a picture. I think she really enjoyed it, it's kind of hard to tell with Grace sometimes though. I think she might have wondered if she drew the short straw a couple times and why she got stuck with me. But she really couldn't complain too much, I didn't let any giant green moray eels bite her, I kept all the sharks away, I let her get a pretty close look at the green sea turtle, and I made sure she had plenty of air to get her back to the starting point. I think she thought I would have been a better buddy if I'd have offered to carry her tank for her, but I have to draw the line somewhere.Here you see Erin & Dan following along behind us at Wing Beach. They always seemed to be way back there. The only thing I can figure is that Grace must have been swimming really fast pulling me along with her. Now Wing Beach is pretty spectacular anytime you get the privilege of diving it, but this day seemed to be extra special. The sun was shining brightly lighting up all the shallow coral, turning it into a kaleidoscope of amazing colors and patterns.But what made the dive so great was this big green sea turtle who was hanging out in the crevasse. When I first came up to the crevasse and looked down over the edge, I thought Grace was going to squeeze my hand right off, she didn't want to drop down into it. That is she didn't want to go down until she saw the turtle, and then she didn't seem to mind at all. I'll have quite a few more pictures of my adventures with the Reed family in the coming days, but for now I'll put these up so Erin's mom can see them!