Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wing Beach's Resident Green Sea Turtle

This cute green sea turtle has taken up residence in the crevasse at Wing Beach. If there aren't a bunch of divers already out there when you go out, you've got a pretty good chance of spotting him catching a nap in a couple of the holes on the north side of the crevasse wall. He is very good about getting his picture taken and will sit still for quite a few pictures before heading off for a swim. If you give him his space he will probably just sit right there though and let you get a good look at him or as many pictures as you want.There is something just so calming and amazing about spending some time with a turtle. I don't think everyone gets it though. I've seen some divers see a turtle, give it a quick glance and then just swim off in search of something else, those divers don't get it. There is something magical and soothing about being in the presence of a turtle, something that if you haven't experienced it I probably can't even begin to explain. When I look into those gentle eyes it's like I'm transported away to another place where time stands still and nothing else matters. And as cool as these pictures may look, they don't even come close to capturing just how amazing these gentle giants look underwater.And then the feeling you get when you effortlessly glide through the water swimming alongside one of these graceful creatures is something you will never forget. It's like you have become one with the ocean and all of its life, you have traded your land legs in and have become a streamlined aquatic explorer. Turtles are amazing in the way they control their buoyancy and swim so effortlessly through the water. I've said it a thousand times before, but I still feel just as passionately about it, if you live in the islands, and you've never taken the time to go on a dive, you've got to do it before you leave. It's an experience that will definitely change the way you look at the oceans and its inhabitants.