Wednesday, July 9, 2008

You Won't Believe This One!

So I think we've all heard about reality TV and some of the shows that have been running for a few years now. I've watched a few of them, but I have to say I'm not really a fan of many of them, so I was quite surprised when I got to work this morning and checked my e-mail only to find an e-mail from a Casting Assistant for one of the shows on American network television. Evidently they were looking for a certain type of person who had some very specific hobbies, and they somehow managed to come across me. I'm guessing this is the picture they saw since it is the one that was up on my blog when they found it. So what kind of crazy TV show would actually consider putting me on it? And this brings a couple questions to mind immediately, am I ready for prime time, and is prime time TV ready for me? No, it wasn't Survivor or The Biggest Loser, and it wasn't Deal or No Deal. The e-mail was from one of the Casting Assistants for ABC TV's Wife Swap. Evidently they are looking for a scuba diving family to do one of their episodes. She said they ran across information about me online and wondered if we would consider being on the show.

I immediately told a friend of mine about it who happened to be online at the time, and he said, that's awesome, you two would be hilarious on that show. So I spent the morning giving it some thought, and thinking about all the different twists that we would wind up bringing to the show. It would definitely be one of their more exotic shows as they would be sending a camera crew to Saipan, and no doubt they would be doing some underwater filming as well, since they are looking for a scuba diving family. Kelli said she felt sorry for the wife who had to come here and endure the power black outs, pick ticks off the dog every night and rescue the poor, helpless geckos from our ruthless cats. A friend of hers, not mine, said that would be nothing compared to having to put up with me all week. But can you imagine someone walking around this island saying that they were my new wife for a week? The reactions they would get would be hilarious. But the publicity for Saipan could be huge. This could be something that would finally show America where Saipan is, and that we are indeed a part of America too!

And where would Kelli wind up, in the Florida Keys? She would love that! But no, they would probably ship her to Iowa or some other place without any decent divable water anywhere near. And what kind of psycho diver would she have to put up with? Could he possibly be as crazy as I am? Would they have young kids that would drive her insane? Would they try to make her eat red meat or chicken?

I have to admit, this show would have huge potential to be absolutely hilarious. But the real question is whether the Producers and Casting Assistants are really willing to expose America to this face or not. Stay tuned, I'll let you know what happens!