Monday, July 21, 2008

Still Sick

In case you've been wondering what's going on with me, have I stopped diving? Stopped taking pictures? Stopped having any interesting things happen to me? I've been sick for over a week now, and it doesn't seem to be getting much better. Before you start to lecture me on the need of going to a doctor, I did talk to a doctor on the phone last week, and she called in some prescriptions for me. Yes, I did pick them up and have been faithfully taking them. So it's not like I don't want to get better and haven't been trying to get my rest, I even stayed at home most of last week just trying to get over this, without much success.

I did manage to go for one dive Saturday morning, even though I was going through cold sweats and still felt awful. I had some people here who could only go diving Saturday and really wanted to dive the Grotto, and I didn't want to disappoint them. My theory is that salt water is good for what ails you, so I figured it might actually help my situation. So I managed to get down and let them have a good dive, but the stuff I coughed up out of my lungs after the dive wasn't pretty at all. I stayed down for about another 45 minutes after I got them up and out, and when I got out of the water, there were 2 busloads of Chinese tourists all at the bottom of the Grotto, about half of them on the rock. So after I got done with my ugly coughing session, I climbed up on the rock in my dive gear, wearing my Scap, only to have them want to start taking pictures with me. So then I had to proceed to stand there and get my picture taken with about 100 Chinese tourists. If I had a dollar for every picture I've had taken with a tourist I could easily retire today.

Then I had to deal blackjack from 7 pm to midnight for the Rotary Club's Las Vegas night. The last couple of years, I've gotten beat badly on the blackjack tables when I've been dealing, but Saturday night I redeemed myself and managed to net $600 on my table. Not bad considering I had to wear an eye patch, couldn't see worth squat, and was enduring hot and cold chills. Sunday I was so sick I couldn't even think about diving, so you know I had to really be sick. And here I am back at work Monday morning, feeling awful, but getting ready to start a new week again. If I don't see drastic improvement in the next day or two, I'm afraid I may have to go in to the hospital and see what's going on. So say a prayer or two for me, we all know that hospitals and I just don't get along.