Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Extremely Depressing

I've been doing an awful lot of diving lately, yes even more than usual. I've been booked pretty much solid with Axe Murderer Tours, and most of the people who've been coming have stayed for several days, so it means multiple dives. I've already got 23 dives in for the month of July, that's a pretty ambitious pace for me, especially considering I've got a real job. This week, I've had a friend of mine from Hawaii here to attend some meetings, so we've been going out night diving. Of course as is always the case with me these days, I never hit the water without my camera, that's what the whole dive is about, capturing some cool pictures and bringing them back for you. Monday night we dove at the Grotto and had a great dive. Afterwards I set my camera in the back of the truck as I was getting my gear off. I think I must have forgotten to put it in the back seat of the truck when we took off, but it was still safely tucked in with all the dive gear in the back.

Don always likes going to Godfather's for a drink and some tacos or pansit after a dive, and of course being the good Axe Murderer Tour guide that I am, I join him so he has someone to talk to. After dropping Don off at his hotel and then getting home myself, I went to get my camera and it was gone. Someone stole it, they left my dive gear but took my camera. That's like stealing my left arm. I just bought this new camera recently and got a new Ikelite housing and strobe for it. I've been loving it, I was getting so much better quality pictures. And then some punk walks by and steals my $1,000 camera set up. Yes, I was forgetful, but does that give someone the right to take what isn't theirs just because they can? It's the punks and thieves like that one that are going to totally destroy this place. The few of us who are left who are willing to put up with all the political garbage and the constant power outages won't stick around very long if people are going to steal the things from us that make this place tolerable.

I've got some pictures from some of my recent dives, so I'll do a few more posts with them, but then that will most likely be the end of my blog for a while until I can save up to buy another camera. To say that I'm bummed and depressed about the whole thing wouldn't even begin to cover it. So I'll be hitting all the pawn shops that I can find seeing if someone has sold it to them.